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Why You Should Document Your Baby’s First Year

I say it all of the time, and it’s because it’s true…your baby’s first year is going to fly by. They will grow from being a tiny little newborn that fits in the palm of your hands to a walking, talking one year old. But, it’s not just about the newborn stage or their first birthday- SO much happens in between. All of their milestones, both big and small, you’re going to want to remember. And that’s exactly why we truly believe that documenting your baby’s first year is so important.

Why You Should Document Your Baby's First Year | Photos of baby's first year, left to right - maternity photo, newborn photo, 6 month session, and first birthday family portrait | Kristin Wood Photography

5 Reasons to Hire a Photographer to Document Your Baby’s First Year

  1. Preserve their milestones and your family’s memories.
  2. You will be IN the photos, not just the one taking them.
  3. Takes the stress off of you.
  4. Build a relationship with a photographer not only you trust, but your baby does too.
  5. Personalized experience for your family.

I have been where you are- chasing a career, while simultaneously wanting to be there with my baby and remember every single detail. But the truth is, we can’t do it all, and one day our memory will fade and we will have wished we hired the photographer.

The question is, how will you remember? How will you make sure they remember? And…what will it all look like? 

Remember Their Milestones

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity sessions are some of the sweetest sessions to document as a photographer. Maybe you’re first-time parents filled with the joy and anticipation that comes with all of the firsts. Or, maybe you’re a seasoned parent that is eagerly awaiting the moment your first baby meets their newest sibling. This season you are in is so unique- it’s the closest you’ll ever be with your baby and that not only deserves to be celebrated but documented too!

We recommend doing your maternity session around 30-34 weeks.

Why You Should Document Your Baby's First Year | Pregnant mom wearing blue floral dress for studio maternity session with Kristin Wood Photography.

Newborn Photos in Westport, CT Studio

Your newborn session is all about documenting your baby’s newness and all of those little details you want to hold on to. The wrinkly knees, the flaky skin, the way their tiny fingers wrap around yours, the way they snuggle right into your chest…we document it all, including your first family portraits.

Why You Should Document Your Baby's First Year | Mom and Dad holding their newborn baby girl for studio newborn session with Kristin Wood Photography.

6 Month “Sitter” Session

The next big milestone we typically document is around 6 months. This session, also known as our “sitter session” may be one of my favorite and most joyful to photograph throughout your baby’s first year. I LOVE this age. Your little one’s personality is really starting to show, and they are doing so many fun things: tummy time, sitting up, playing with their toes, and all the giggles and belly laughs.

For this session, it can be baby only, the entire family, or my personal favorite… a “mommy and me” session. Chances are, you’ve taken hundreds of photos but been in very few, and this is where I can make sure you are in them too!

Why You Should Document Your Baby's First Year | Family photoshoot at Sherwood Island State Park for baby's six month session | Kristin Wood Photography

First Birthday Photos

The first birthday session is always so much fun and perhaps the most bittersweet for me as a photographer. I am always so sad for your Collective to end but even more excited to celebrate your one-year-old! We’ll start off their first birthday session with classic family portraits and then end with a cake smash. Will they like the cake or not is the ultimate question!

Why You Should Document Your Baby's First Year | Classic first birthday session for baby girl in studio with Kristin Wood Photography.

Creating Treasured Family Heirlooms

Your First Year Collective doesn’t end with celebrating your baby’s first birthday. My job is not done until you can enjoy the memories from the last year in a tangible way. Whether that’s adorning the wall of your home with your most cherished memories or putting together a baby book (or both!), we’ll work together throughout your baby’s first year to decide what artwork best suits your family.

This is such a monumental time for you and your family, and you’re going to want to pass these memories on for generations to come. It’s not just about you, or them, or the now. It’s also about the legacy of your family and the story that you can preserve, pass on, and one day tell through these heirlooms.

Baby's first year in photos in an heirloom album. Photos and album design by Kristin Wood Photography.

Planning for Your Baby’s First Year Photos

One of the many reasons we recommend hiring a photographer to document your baby’s first year is to eliminate stress for you- no need to worry about ensuring you email us on time or that we have availability. As a First Year Collective member, you have a spot on our calendar, and our team will reach out to you when it’s time to schedule your next milestone.

So, When Should You Start Planning?

Most parents considering the First Year Collective reach out to us as soon as they know they are expecting or early in moms second trimester at the latest. We tend to book about six months out from each due date month, and priority on our calendar is given to Collective members. Because of that, we can only take so many each month.

What to Consider?

One of the reason’s that I recommend hiring a professional photographer to document your baby’s first year and having that be the same photographer is because everyone gets to know each other so well over the course of the year. When you have small children that is SO important for the outcome of our session. Not to mention, it allows me the unique ability to craft an experience and session that is best for your family.

With each session, we’re considering who will be part of each session,  the time and location, what to wear, and then ultimately what to do with your portraits. It’s planned not only with each session in mind, but your baby’s first year so that everything is cohesive and you know what to expect.

Why You Should Document Your Baby's First Year | Little girl sitting in carriage during first birthday photoshoot with her two family dogs | Kristin Wood Photography

Are You Ready to Hire a Photographer to Document Your Baby’s First Year?

Trust me, I know it can be overwhelming. Adding in another expense, another decision, and the mere thought of coordinating several photoshoots for your family is exhausting. BUT… also trust me when I tell you, the investment is priceless, the decisions you’ll make are guided (and a lot of fun!), and we will take care of the planning and details. Our goal is for you to show up and create memories with you family and leave the rest to us!

If you want to ensure that you don’t have the same regrets I do and have more photos of your baby, contact me. I’d love to set up a chat, get to know you and your family, and start planning how we can preserve your family’s memories.

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