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Why You Should Hire a Photographer for Your Baby’s First Year

Why you should hire a photographer for your baby's first year | Mom and Dad holding their one year old son | Kristin Wood Photography

When you’re expecting, most of the time you are focused on the pregnancy and newborn stage- as you should. But when you’re thinking about photographing those sessions, I’d encourage you to consider hiring a photographer to document your baby’s first year, not just those early days.

Yes, those early days are SO special, but that first year is a year you’ll never want to forget. It’s a year you’ll want to be able to tell them about one day. Can you imagine what that would be like without photos? I tell you this as a Mom and not because I am a photographer, because if I am being honest with you, I wish I had. I WISH I had known then what I know now.

5 Reason’s To Hire a Photographer

1 – Remember and Preserve Their Milestones

This may be the most important (and obvious) reason, but unfortunately for some parents they don’t even realize it until it’s too late. Whether it’s their little newborn details, their squishy little rolls, or how tall they stand as a one-year-old, you’re going to want to remember each and every milestone. Not only are you going to want to remember, they will too.

2 – Photos with YOU!

Too often parents (especially moms) are the ones taking the pictures and rarely IN them. We want to make sure that when your children look back on their first year, they not only see themselves, but you too.

Being in photos with your children allows you to create lasting memories that you can look back on for years to come. These images capture special moments, milestones, and the bond between you and your children. As time goes by, these photos become cherished reminders of the love and connection shared between you and your little ones.

3 – Takes the Pressure Off of You

Life is busy and that first year can be a blur. The last thing I want you to do is to get caught up in life as new parents and forget to book a session. When you are a collective member, we track those milestone months for you and reach out when it’s time to schedule!

As a collective member, you also get priority booking for each of your sessions. This is particularly important during busy seasons or getting a coveted sunset session. AND- it may sound a little silly, but you also get priority booking for our Santa sessions which is a huge benefit because we sell out 100 sessions in a matter of minutes every year.

4 – Build a Relationship

Building relationships with my clients is one of the aspects of my job as a CT newborn photographer I value most. I love hearing your stories and getting to know your family. Not to mention, the more sessions we do together, the more comfortable you are in front of the camera! You also get to know me, the studio and the process, and what to expect with your images.

5 – Personalized Experience

One thing I love about the First Year Collective is the planning process. When we know you’re going to have several sessions throughout your baby’s first year, we’re able to plan with more intention and truly personalize it to your family. We choose your location and wardrobe selections carefully knowing that the images from each session may be displayed together on a wall or in an album. Furthermore, using the same photographer from session to session allows for continuity and consistency within the images from the session to session.

Ready to Book Your First Year Collective?

Investing in the First Year Collective is truly an amazing way to preserve some of your family’s most cherished years and memories. It’s one of the most special and tangible gifts you can give not only yourself but your children and family for years to come.

AND— like I tell every parent, your baby will grow quicker than they ever will in that first year. You may think you can skip a milestone and not miss out on much. But trust me, when you can’t turn back the time, you will give anything to have photos to look back on.

If you’re considering documenting your baby’s first year as a First Year Collective member, contact me so we can set up a chat!

Oh, what a year it has been with Nash and his precious parents. From his Mama’s belly to his first birthday session, he captured my heart! I have enjoyed every session with them, and I cannot believe how much he’s grown this year! Happy Birthday, Nash!

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