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How to Have a Successful Newborn Session with a Toddler

As a mom of two, I understand just how important sibling photos are for my clients. It’s what all moms dream of when they add a new baby to their family. But sometimes, our little toddlers aren’t as excited about the new addition or the idea of photos as we are. That’s where I come in and all I ask is that you trust me!

I have photographed well over a hundred babies and even more toddlers. There are a few things I have learned along the way that help and also a few things that I recommend not doing.

A Good Nights Sleep + Food

I encourage you to do everything you can the night before your newborn session to ensure your toddler gets a good night’s sleep. Keep his/her routine the same. This is not the night to let them stay up late! Then when they wake up, keep everything as normal as possible and don’t harp on what’s to come. Feed them a good breakfast (something you know they love!) and then another snack right before the session.

Please do not wait until you are at the studio to give them snacks or offer snacks throughout the session. This often leads to them stalling and just wanting to take a break every couple of minutes for a snack. You are more than welcome to bring a snack to have after the session, and we even have some available for you in the studio.

Have Them Arrive Later

Because I include hair and makeup with all of my newborn sessions, Mom is usually coming to the studio 1-1.5 hours before the session even begins. So, in order to avoid your toddler getting antsy, I recommend having Dad or a grandparent bring your toddler a little later. We’ll give you more details on this leading up to your session.

I also recommend having them ready to go when they walk in the door. We want to monopolize on that positive, curious energy. After a quick change into their outfits, we’ll get started with sibling and family portraits.

Also, having them arrive a little later also allows me to photograph your baby’s individual portraits while it’s still quiet and gives Mom a chance for a peaceful break.

Let Them Be Little

Such a cliche saying, but it’s so true. Remember, their whole world has just changed and they also have a stranger taking their photos. I expect them to be a little wild and even protest having their photo taken. The most important thing for you to do is stay calm and embrace the chaos, keep a positive attitude, keep smiling, and show them how excited you are to be there with them, not just baby!

Whether you realize it or not, you haven’t just hired me for my photography skills. You’re also getting the years of training and experience I have in working with toddlers. I love to have fun with your kiddos singing, playing and dancing with them. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve and will do everything I possibly can to engage your children. It’s true, they are very unpredictable, but they are yours and together we’ll create some really beautiful memories!

And because we can’t talk about newborn sessions and toddlers without sharing some of my favorite sibling photos, here’s a recent session with the most adorable big brother!

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