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Hair and Makeup in Fairfield County, CT for Maternity, Newborn, and Family Sessions

Over the last few years, I’ve made some changes in my business with the sole intent to serve busy mamas and do everything I can so that sessions are not only stress-free but something you look forward to. I don’t want these sessions to just be milestones that you are documenting because you’re “supposed to.” I want the entire experience to be something that you look back on as some of your most fond memories because you were with your family and able to be fully present with them.

Hair and makeup is one of those services that I knew I had to offer and have been so blessed with the hair and makeup artists that have served our moms. Kimberleigh with Eye For Beauty CT has been one of those and we’re excited to share this Q&A with you. She’s sharing her best tips so that you’re prepared the day of your session!

Q&A With Kimberleigh

1 – Best tips for preparing hair and bare face? Best time to wash hair, anything to do/not do, apply to skin, etc?

Please arrive with clean dry hair (either washing the night prior or morning of). For those that have naturally curly hair, you are more than welcome to use styling products right after showering. If you prefer to have curls for the photo session, make sure to avoid straightening your hair prior or having a keratin treatment.

A makeup and skincare free face is best. Our professional makeup kit has a wide range of foundation colors to custom blend to your skin tone. Our products are great for sensitive skin. If you feel comfortable bringing your own makeup, we ask that it only be your favorite shade of lipstick or mascara.

Some of the products, while very expensive (like chanel foundation) doesn’t photograph well and are incredibly oily. Other times the ingredients in some sunscreen & moisturizers don’t interact well with other foundations making it pill or separate.

2 – Tips for those with curly hair?

For those that have naturally curly hair, you are more than welcome to use styling products after showering. If you want to keep the natural integrity of your curl we recommend arriving with your hair fully air dried. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to blow it out the night prior so it will be easy to style the day of.

3 – How long will their hair and makeup last once done by you? Is this impacted by skin/hair type, and is there anything they should do if there are hours in between seeing you and their session?

Our makeup applications are known to last through 8 hour hikes and some steamy waterfall sessions! A touchup pod of foundation or lip touchup can be given if there is a long time in between the beauty service and photography session. While we custom blend lip colors with a lip stain, we still recommend drinking through a straw when possible.

The longevity of your curls is highly dependent on the weather, humidity and nature of your hair. A serum can be added to help tame any frizz. Choosing an up-style, or having hair pinned away from the face will help during breezy beach sessions. Loose curls are the most flattering option.

4 – What about Children?

For children under the age of 6, I do not recommend heat. I suggest getting a pretty bow or headband (Kristin has some!) or I can do a lace braid/side braid. If your child is 6 or older and you want some loose curls, I recommend using conditioner the night prior as this will be the least damaging and we would use a lower temperature. Everyone should have fully dry hair.

5 – What should a client do if they aren’t happy with their look?

You’re creating a memory you’ll look back on for years to come. We ask questions every step of the way- from the amount of makeup you wear day to day, to your eyeliner and lip color preferences. We want you to feel beautiful and your best, so please let us know if you’d like anything changed.

6 – Should clients bring anything with them?

A loose fitting top is generally best.

Get to Know Kimberleigh

I grew up in Westport, left and came (almost full circle) still residing in Fairfield County with my husband, energetic daughter, and equally energetic golden doodle puppy. My background is in television, beauty education and working for several beauty lines across the country. Ultimately, I found the most joy focusing on life’s special moments. Whether it’s a wedding or pampering a mama, being able to make someone feel their best during those important milestones is what I love most about hair and makeup. It’s about embracing the moment you’re in, surrounded by those you love most. I currently own a travel beauty company and clip-in extension company, and am a blog contributor for The Kind Bride. I enjoy hiking, traveling and trying new restaurants.

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