Preparing to Re-Open after COVID-19 | Connecticut Newborn Photography

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all been able to stay healthy during this horrible crisis. I know it has been a long and difficult road everyone.

As we get closer to our Stay at Home order expiring, I have been brainstorming all the ways that I can make it safe to re-open my business. As always, the health and safety of my clients is of UTMOST importance. I have been conferencing with many other top photographers around the country on what steps we can take to be sure our studios and processes are as safe as possible.

I have added a section to my website highlighting some of the precautions I will be taking in order to operate during this time (whenever I am legally allowed to do so). I’ve also updated my sick policy. As always, there are no fees for rescheduling your session due to illness or potential illness.

It remains uncertain if my hair and makeup artists will be able to return to work on May 20, so if you have planned to have hair and makeup for your session, I will reach out to you to discuss options. If you have a session scheduled and would like to wait until later this summer, that is 100% encouraged. Just let me know and we will find a new date when we are a little farther out from the height of this pandemic.

I am working on a wardrobe catalog to help make that process virtual if I am unable to open the studio but can photograph outdoors.

I’m obviously very anxious to get back to documenting your families and will be doing everything I can to protect your family and mine!


COVID 19 precautions for ct newborn photographer

COVID 19 precautions for connecticut newborn photographer

sick policy for connecticut newborn photographer

  1. julie says:

    You take such great care of your clients! Love that you’re taking all of these extra safety measures.

  2. kathryne says:

    This is great! Clients should be more at ease for a session!

  3. Michelle says:

    Such a great post! This same post is on my to do list!

  4. Megan says:

    Such a great post with thoughtful information on staying safe.

  5. catie says:

    Great post! And I just LOVE your work!

  6. tamsen says:

    I feel like I could stay on your website forever, everything is so beautiful, even when discussing something as horrible as Covid-19. I can’t wait until this is a thing of the past!

  7. The is fantastic, and and so helpful!

  8. Renee says:

    I am sure this is very reassuring for your clients!

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